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Reviews influence Buyer Decisions at the moment of truth – when prospects choose between you and a competitor.

  • Easy setup compatible with any website
  • A Call to Action on every page of your website
  • Links to Business-oriented Social Media
  • Increase Positive Sentiments for your business

Reviews influence Search Engines and improve Search Results with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  • Increased positive sentiments from customers sends a strong signal to the search engines for better ranking

Improve your customer service with instant feedback and grow your customer base

  • Local Buzz Pro provides surveys with instant notifications
  • Review Analytics
  • Control Dashboard with links to your Business Social Media
  • Team Training including review response strategies and best practices
  • Ongoing success support
Benefits Local Buzz Pro Local Buzz Pro+
Control Negative Reviews
Cultivate Positive reviews
Instant Email Notifications
Review Monitoring
Review Response
Custom Hand-written review responses
Custom Dashboard
Robust Reporting and Analytics
Name, Address & Phone consistency
Keep photos updated on local online directories
Collateral Signage for Review Cultivation
Team Training
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