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Review Cultivation & Customer Service for a Lawn and Tree Care company based in Lakewood, CO


Mountain High Tree, Lawn & Landscape (MHT) provides environmentally friendly Lawn and Tree Care services in Metro Denver and Colorado Springs. MHT is conscious about its web presence and understands the power of customer reviews in influencing prospects. The biggest challenge the company faced was only 1 in 10 technicians actually see the customer before or after the service. MHT approached us to develop a program to actively cultivate reviews for the business.


Our team worked closely with the department heads and technicians to understand the workflow and customer touch points and customized a plan for the MHT team. Our plan included:

  • Installed Local Buzz Pro, a S-A-A-S program to cultivate, monitor and respond to  reviews easily, without altering workflow in Jan 2016
  • Designed marketing materials including flyers, customer instructions and other leave behinds and their invoices to be an integral part of cultivating reviews
  • Trained technicians and customer service representatives on how and when to ask for reviews


MHT is experiencing improved ranking on search engines and has cut back on radio and online advertising.

After we installed and trained the staff on using Local Buzz Pro, MHT’s Customer reviews increased by 118%. Below are the results of a Year over Year comparison of new reviews cultivated on popular social media sites in the 1st two quarters of the year:

“I am the owner of a local tree and lawn care service business that depends on both good SEO and continued new reviews on social media. I have to say a special thanks to both John and Shalini at Better Links Media for making that happen. Our SEO is better than ever, and our reviews have more than doubled since we started using Local Buzz Pro. I cannot say enough about Better Links ability to stay on top of the ever changing internet marketing, and keep my company at a strong competitive position.” – Ralph Bronk

Successful online reputation management case study

Successful online reputation management case study

Online Marketing & Customer Service for an Affordable Apartment Community in Englewood, CO


Lincoln Pointe Lofts is affordable, low income apartment community in Englewood, Colorado 80112. There are at least 10 apartment complexes in a 10 mile radius, some of them being brand new and in a lease up phase. In such a highly competitive market, it is common for apartments to market themselves as “affordable”. The owners and management company wanted the apartment community to consistently get found organically to generate a steady flow of prospects to maintain an optimal occupancy rates. The community manager wanted an easy way to cultivate reviews, monitor social media to view and respond to reviews.


The digital marketing team at Better Links Media developed plan targeted towards creating Sentiments to influence prospect decisions and Signals to improve organic ranking. We designed and developed a website for the community with SEO elements built in to help rank on page 1 as a first step. Some of our tactics included –

  • Designing a responsive, engaging website
  • Developing rich and relevant content
  • Incorporating relevant and dynamic SEO elements
  • Installed Local Buzz Pro, a S-A-A-S program to cultivate, monitor and respond to  reviews easily, without altering the office’s workflow
  • Training staff to skillfully ask for reviews and use the Local Buzz Pro Dashboard to monitor social media, respond to reviews and run reports


a. Lincoln Pointe Lofts continues to maintain its optimal occupancy rate

b. The community began to appear in the Local Stack within a few weeks and organically in a couple of months.

Examples of Keywords the community appears on page 1 consistently –

  • Low income apartments in Lone Tree
  • Low income apartments in 80112
  • Apartments near Lincoln and i25
  • Affordable lofts in Lone Tree

c. In just a few months, Lincoln Pointe Lofts was able to cultivate 8 additional reviews on Google+.

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